Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring Inspiration...

My Sunshine by Karina (click to see gallery)

Yes, I think we all are in the same frame of mind lately: SPRINGTIME...sigh
Fresh Air (I know the air in MY house could use some)
Warm Breezes (away with you, winter coats! Bring on the twirly skirts)
Flowers, Flowers & more Flowers! (the more the merrier)

Anyways, just had to share a fabulous gallery I found today that TOTALLY inspired me for Springtime! Go take a look and be amazed...and refreshed.

...Soon...very soon.

(and if you see a certain Groundhog, I have a great recipe for him and his shadow!) LOL


Karina said...

OMG thank you so much ! :) I'm so honored and happy :)

Nancy Comelab said...

Oh chica, it is so good to see you blogging again! :) Not I need to follow in your pretty footsteps and get mind up and running again, don't I?

Thanks for the link to Karina's amazing gallery. Wow!

I think about you so much. xoxoxo