Monday, April 20, 2009

Tree House - Phase II

Moving right along...sort of! LOL This lil treehouse is a BIG undertaking, I tell ya! I can't believe how paranoid I am now that I have a little one..."This isn't sturdy enough. That needs another brace. There's going to be rules on this thing!" lol Take a Chill Pill Mom!!!
Ohh Oh! Miss OliveJuice and Co. is posting again....and making her fabulous aprons! Right now, if you leave a comment on her site, you can be in the drawing for one she's giving away! Sooo cute! And, soooo to die for pics of Rhonna's Paris trip on her blog...wonderful inspiration! Love these creative women! Why does creativity and beauty keep us going day to day in this world? I really don't know, but it certainly puts a smile across my face everytime I witness it! Have a Beautifully Creative Day!

1 comment:

nansee said...

Oh, can I come and play! *insert big smile from ear to ear* Looks way cool!