Friday, September 22, 2006

Shabby Princess is having a SALE with new releases!!!
What BEAUTIFUL products she comes out with. I just bought the calender kits, and if you spend $10 in the store by Sept. get her new Wishy Washy kit for FREE!!! I think that's my favorite right now! I love chocolates and taupes...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Becky!
Thank you so much for your wonderfully sweet comment on my blog. So nice of you to drop by! :)
Yeah, I am still not able to access Jen's site so I do believe the deadline will be extended. Gives you some time to finish yours! Go on, girl! Lol.
So you entered the Scrapartist Challenge as well? Awesome! Have to go check if I saw your entry alread. I wish you good luck though!!!
Talk soon, Becky!