Saturday, December 02, 2006

Scrappin Lately?

Journaling reads: ("Ohh Mommy, Look! This must be where Fairies live...")

(Psalm 139..."...You created my inmost being...I am fearfully and wonderfully made..."

This week with all the snow...and not being able to go to work....was such a nice break! And, I got to do some scrappin'! Finished up Jen Wilson's Meaning contest, and played a little more with SMJ's new fun! AND I've been designing a 4x6 frame calender for family Christmas presents...really nice to feel like I'm accomplishing something fun.

David and I finally got to have a "date night" last night...the church we go to has a "kids night in" evening in Dec. so parents can go out and eat and shop, or whatever. So we did that last night. I was sooo excited to get dressed up a bit and go out! Dinner...was actually horrible. And the movie that I thought would be perfect for us...romantic, sci-fi, timetraveling..."The Fountain"...was sooooo boring and....eeeuugckkk...I can't think of the proper word...but you'll get the idea if I told you there were strangely a lot of high schoolers there, and it was definitely a movie created to watch "under the influence." What a waste! Oh well. At least we still got to go out. I started getting a sore throat, and this morning...I can't even talk! This is sooo bad!

Be thankful in all things, right? Right.

Especially thinking on this past week with all the ice and snow, and David coming home one day telling me that he had to make a "crash landing" down an icy hill (backwards) into a bunch of bushes with his water truck...when he stepped out at the top, his brakes broke free and he almost was ran over by his own truck! But was able to jump back in and slide it sideways over the ice to steer it away from going straight thru a customers house! Poor thing...he said he "lost his lunch" after it was all over. Good thing Lily and I prayed that very morning for God's angels to guard and keep Daddy today!

Well, hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

We're going to do up all the Christmas Decorations....Yea!!! Love how cozy the house feels when it's decorated....


iralamija said...

I love your work !!! really nice!!

Have a nice day!!


Nancy Comelab said...

Oh wow! Thank God David is allright! {hugs} Aw.. sorry to hear your date was not what you expected.. at least you got to spend some time toghether, right? Love your layouts! Smoochies!

iralamija said...

Thank you for your e mail! and for your nice words!! I like yor work, and I hope you can visit my blog again, Have a nice day.


Nancy Comelab said...

Hey girl! Head on over to my blog.. you have been tagged!!!!! :)