Monday, November 27, 2006

Did I Mention...SNOW

Wow! When I wished for snow...boy did we get it! Only every few years do we get this apparrently there's more to come! LOL
I couldn't even get to work was just no fun at all to stay home and play in the snow with Lily and then warm up inside in pajamas as we made cinnamon scones and had Chai Tea Lattes...(hers was light on the Latte, heavy on the milk...but she didn't notice! LOL)
AND I got to scrap some!
Here's a fun view from our back windows....BBQ totally covered in like a foot of snow! And the willow trees were sooo beautiful! Lanne's Poison Apple storyboards are sooo much fun, love 'em!
Then a little crazy snow girlie playin' today...the snow was really coming down, so I did my best!
Oh! If you haven't seen Miss Shabby Jenn's new kit, Pomegranate Street...go check it cute!


Lanne said...

little nervous about commenting.. in case i wreck it again..

but i did want to say hi! thank you for sharing your storyboard. it is always cool to see how someone else interprets them!

Nancy Comelab said...

Ooooh... look at all that snow. And little Lilly's face! :)