Saturday, March 03, 2007

Mele Kalikimaka!

Grungy Curled Vintage Frame ~ Nancy Comelab

Oh I LOVED getting this little surprise from my family in Hawaii! These are my cute lil neice's and nephew last December...getting their Santa picture taken at the beach!! LOL

...Only in Hawaii...

And we're counting down the days! Only 6 to go....(giddy with excitement!)

"Please Lord, sometime in the next 6 days, turn my shockingly pasty white skin a pleasing golden brown so as to not blind those we are about to visit. Amen"


OHhhhhh! You HAVE to go see "Wild Hogs" at the theatre! We just went and saw it, and it was so fun to be in a theatre and just be with all these people...laughing SO hard! Sure, it's got it bits of cheese to it, but all in all, VERY funny! And Lily even went with us and was laughing too.

Have a Great Weekend!

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Nancy Comelab said...

What a stunning Xmas picture... look at that beach! **dream** Oh, time is going so fast.. only 5 days and you're off to Hawaii! Woohoo! Don't worry about your beautiful white skin, lol, you'll tan when you're there! MUAH!