Thursday, February 22, 2007

Clear the Closets!

Today, my bedroom looked like a giant dressing room at Macy's! Lily and I pulled out all kinds of things to try on for our trip back to 2 weeks!!! What fits, what doesn't...what do we need...what do we WANT...LOL
And then I surprised her with her new Easter dress and silk slippers...of course we then had to have a fashion show! (So funny...I had to play the Prince who comes to see why she only has 1 slipper on...and do I have the other perhaps??)
While in Hawaii, David's Mom wants to have a big "photo shoot" on one day over at his Grandmother's house. All the grandchildren will be there at one time, so it'll be pretty neat. I figure this dress can double for that too...
Oh! And where, praytell, did I get this fabulously noir frame??? Well, it's a little bit of a secret...but you might find it over at Nancy Comelab's shop disguised with MANY other fabulous tidbits in a cleverly wrapped ..."Brown Bag!" quick!

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Candide said...

You write very well.