Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Me and Mom's Hats!

Aren't these the CUTEST??? (just click on the little down arrow at the bottom of the square to flip thru the pages)
Lily and I stopped by the annual Tulip Festival Street Fair this past saturday...and WOW! Were there sooo many fun things to see! I wasn't neccessarily going to go there when we left home, and just kind of decided on the way....after I had let her have fun and COMPLETELY dress herself! Teal multicolored sweatshirt over a little mermaid terrycloth skort OVER chocolate brown stretch pants...add the pink girlie fleece jacket and the big pearl necklace...absolutely no hair ponies...and we were SET! Did I know we'd be walking around hundreds of people??? and taking tons of pictures??? Nooooo! LOL
But we had so much fun...balloon animals, music, yummy food...even a hand carved name plate puzzle!
And this little booth was to die for! THE cutest hand crocheted hats! Check them out at Me & Mom's Hats....
Alrighty...better go for now!
Oh..and Thanks to Heather for introducing me to this cool new way to display pics on your blog. Leafletter. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

OMG Looove that hat Becky! She's soooo cuuute!

cherry menlove said...

What great pictures of your little girl. Her hat is sooo pretty.

Cherry xx

Moni said...

Ohhhh -I LOVE this HAT`S-!!!!! I would like one for Lilli (she is 6 years now Becky and the twins are 3 years old)
Can I order this online anywhere?
Ohhhh too cute!!!

Hmmm about your Blog Becky ??
I don`t know how you can put pics and blinkies in your sidebar. Your Blog is very very BROAD!! It looks very cool.
I made mine with the *Dashboard* you can there add side elements to write text, pictures, links, HTML and so on but I think you know this.
I have no idea how it works with this template??! Sorry!

Have a great WE :-)