Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Colors are a Changin'...

Well, it's kind of a sad day...leaving our first home together. Lots of memories as I look around. Our first Christmas, Lily's first snowman...she even took her first steps here.
I'm so sentimental! I didn't even want to leave the cherry tomato bush that we've been working on all summer...or the monster wall of of blackberries in the backyard. Lily is a lil sentimental too...she cracked me up on her last night in her bedroom.
"Mommy, can you please ask the landlord if I can take my closet doors? I really love my closet doors..."

But, times change. And we're off on another adventure.
First, a short visit (or not so short) to grandma and grandpa's house over the mountains...(and thru the woods! lol) Then, it's off to find jobs and a new home in California!

I'll be out of touch for a few days, and then hopefully my computer and internet will be set up shortly. ...I think my only option is going to be ...DIAL UP! aggggahhhaagg!

I do have a few treats in store for all you digiscrappers, so check back.

And for now, enjoy this fall weather...ooohhh the Colors are a Changin'!


Nancy Comelab said...

Thinking of you, girlfriend. {hug}

Moni said...

Thinking of you too Becky!!
I only want to say that I post again on my blog and *THANKYOU*!!! for all your love you showed to me :-)

all the best for you and your family



Anonymous said...

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Cateris said...

Hey, I love your digital scrapbook pages! Good luck on finding your new home, and thank you so much for your comment on my Hallmark submission. :)

Nancy W said...

Love that photo! Great work you have on your blog! Wasn't if fun having Rhonna list our blogs on hers! yeah!! hugs from Texas!