Thursday, August 09, 2007

Season of Yumminess!

I LOVE Blackberries!
And Wow...are there A LOT this year! I was sooo excited to see the enormous bush up against the fence in our backyard ripening early this year so I could make some of the jam creations I've had in my head the past couple of years, but never got around to. My first choice was to try a Plum & Blackberry combination...but wasn't very happy with the state of the plums in the grocery. (I'll have to wait maybe another week for the gorgeous ones ripening in this abandoned lot I pass on my daily walk! lol...Shhhh!) But, instead I've chosen to try mixing our local fresh oh-so-sweet Blueberries with them.
And....this is what I ended up with:

My first lil taste...I'll admit, I was scared. I've never actually made jam before! lol
But, beyond my was DELICIOUS!! And I absolutely LOVE the sweet combination of Blueberries and Blackberries...
You gotta try it!
Super easy. It was just freezer jam. half and half berries. Pour into these Fabulous squatty lil silver topped jars, and you're DONE!
(Aren't these jars the cutest? They're only about two inches high. I think they'd be perfect for fun homemade sugar scrubs too, yeah?)

I know it's been a Looooooong time since I've posted, and I'm so sorry to all those who've been wondering if I've fell off the face of the earth...just lots of changes giong on...including MOVING! Aaaggghhhh! lol
But, change can be even though I was fighting it, I've learned to embrace it and see what and where God takes us.

Lots more to tell you, and I promise I'll try to get y'all caught up in the next few days. Phew! lol

Love ya,
and have a Wonderful Berry Filled Day!

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Nancy Comelab said...

Woohoo! So glad to see you blogging again girlie! :) Which reminds me... we have to work on your other blog! *wink*

Yummie! How delicious does that look? Forget the taste, lol, I'm sure it's great... I am totally in LOVE with your gorgeous little jam jar! You should mass produce and sell them in stores like that! :)

Love ya, girl!