Monday, July 31, 2006

(sorry...I can't figure out why it keeps turning my 1st picture sideways...)

Here's a couple of ideas, Girlies:
I LOVE the $1 bin at Target, don't you?
Well, I thought that
these clear checkbook/coupon file folders would be perfect to insert your favorite paper into to covers, then embellish to make a 7 pocket little album, or a 13 pocket birthday/anniversary/whatever card holder..????

And then, I saw the cutest little mini dresser at Michaels', and thought "wouldn't this make a cute 5 page album, with the pages lining the drawers???" I'll have to work on that next week maybe...sounds too fun!

Also, (oh my goodness!) I LOVE this next sad that it was too time intensive for me to get it done for my Shabby Princess submission... but, I'll have to show you tomorrow the materials for my new Shabby Velvet Purse! It's Taupe shiny striped velvet with glass beaded handles, green and pink ribbon trims and a HUGE realistic pink Peony...and it'll have a plastic 6 x 6 inch front cover to put a fav LO in to display on the go!
Can you follow all that?? LOL I'll just have to get it finished!
Bye for now...

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