Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Sun'll Come Out...

....Tomorrow, Tomorrow! (We just watched "Annie", can you tell???) I love that movie! I hadn't seen it in years...and it brought back fond memories of when I was priviledged to be in the pit orchestra my Senior year for the musical production of it. Sooo fun, and SUCH an experience!

Anyways, "The Sun Coming Out" just happens to coincide with my new LO I finally finished with one of Nancy's newest shadowed photoclusters. They are AWESOME! You feel like you're LO is almost finished, instantly! I used #4 in this one. We finally had a sunny day and braved going to the beach. Sooo fun...but such cold wind! Mommy couldn't last very long! Lily could have stayed all day!

Oh! Check out this amazing opportunity over at Nancy's site! Just for entering, you can win one of six $50 gift certificates for her products!!! How cool is that??

Ok, better get back to work!


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