Sunday, January 28, 2007

Little Moments

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It seems to be a prevalent thought these days...cherishing the little moments, and realizing how precious they are. With loved ones getting really sick, or just things in life giving us surprises, it's actually a little comforting to focus on these...little moments.
I'm really enjoying the new found joy of capturing some these on film, and really thinking about what they are saying to me.
The other morning, the mist was sooo thick, and the sun was trying so hard to break through...but only got through enough to make all the dewdrops sparkle on the tree branches as the little birds...just waited, and watched. Me too.

Sparrow, sparrow
In morning's mist
Awaiting the new day to begin.
While dewdrops glisten
In dawn's early light
The world seems fresh and new,
We catch a glimpse of splendor together
This fleeting moment
and you.

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Nancy Comelab said...

Becky, my friend, you have such a way with words. And your outlook on life always touches me.. I am so happy you are my friend. Love you!