Friday, June 29, 2007

First of all, Thank You soooo much for all your sweet comments! I wish I could just respond back with blogger, but it doesn't look like I can right! Unless you leave an email, or'll have to just take my "Thanks" here! LOL

Well, busy week!

This is summer vacation, right? I seem to remember it being a lot more relaxed as a

LOVE Nancy Comelab's new set of frames!!! Found my new favorite! Get them HERE

(Bows and Bling: Lilypad Lane Designs)


Joy Kuoha said...

Becky - thanks for the comment on my blog - Yes, my last name is Hawaiian - my DH was born and raised there and I have lived there 3 times. Your blog is awesome and I love your LOs. If you ever want tbe be on my CT, just let me know - I would love to have you!

Joy Kuoha

Cherry Menlove said...

They are wonderful pictures. What fun to be goat herding on holiday!! Hee hee!!

Cherry xx

Lanne said...

Ahh moving can be very stressful.. Hope it all went smoothly!!