Friday, January 05, 2007

Don't Mess With Little St. Nick!

Yes..I'm alive! Been meaning to tell you girls lots of things...and it just never happened! Sheeeesh! But, this weekend I should try and update a bit. For now, I just had to share this LO of my nephew at Christmas...he was sooo excited, he turned and ran---full force into the corner of our wall! (Oh my goodness! I felt sooo bad, poor little guy..) Anyways, he quickly gained composure with the sure remedy of a coveted Strawberry Shortcake bandaid from Lily. And with his Santa Hat cocked a little to the side...he was good to go. And nobodies better say anyting about the Strawberry Shortcake bandaid! He can make anything work, I tell ya! Ha! LOL Sooooo Cute!
(Credits: SMJ new Parisian Flea Market kit, with Nancy Comelab's (Belgian Angel) Curled Shadowed Polaroid Frame )


Nancy Comelab said...

Oh no! Poor kid! Thank God Lily was there to mend him! So sweet.... thanks for using my frames again, girl. This page looks fabulous - his expression and all! :)

Tiffany said...

Very cute! What a ham!