Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Little Shoppin' Therapy!

Aren't these the CUTEST???

I just found them at my local Joann's Fabric and Crafts...it's the first time I've seen any of Rhonna's actual "stuff" in person. I hope they get more...there were about a dozen different ones, and get this....only $1 each!!!!

I'd have to say that wandering around Fabric and Crafts stores (or even Lowe's! LOL) with a tall Frozen Carmel Macchiato makin' my brain just flood with oh-so-wonderful ideas...is one of my most favorite...and looked forward to, things in the world!

Still getting ideas for Lily's Disney Fairies theme birthday...I keep thinking I have a lot of time, but it's really only 4 weeks away...AAHHGG! lol

And last but not least, I just HAVE to get these when they get them back in stock. Perfect for my lil Lily projects!

"Once Upon A Time..."

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