Friday, October 20, 2006

OK...epiphanies(sp?) come in strange ways...mine? I just had the light turned off for awhile!
LOL I didn't realize until someone brought it up to me that I hadn't enabled the comments on this blog so that others besides blogger users could leave "Thank You " for turning the light on... Also, since I am HTML delinquent and just recently (a month?) was able to put my own banner up...I somehow made it so that when I post, any pictures all go to the top and all writing goes to the bottom. You know, instead of posting how I wrote it with the pics in between wording?? So...trying to figure that out. I know it has to do with "post-titles" because I was told I had to delete anything with that to have my own banner work...if you can give me some advice, I LOVE it! Onto other things: I'm a huge movie-goer...and can't get to the theater once (or twice) a week like I used to be able to before Lily came along...and can you believe not one, but THREE new movies start today that I REALLY want to go see!!! "The Departed", "The Prestige", and I'm DYING to see "Marie Antoinette!" Who else is with me?? The scenery and Beautiful Dresses...oh my goodness! Ok, better go...I've got some finaggling to do if any of this is possible this weekend! Bye bye


Anonymous said...

Hey, I see your slideshow is working! WTG girl! :) Euh.. I don't really understand your question about the pictures and the words... Also, did you mean for your text to be centered?
Hope all is well!

Tiffany said...

I want to see Marie Antoinette too! It looks so good and I'll probably be salivating by the time it comes to DVD!

Lanne said...

Can I comment now?
Wooohhoooo :) Good luck getting to the movies.. there is something about the movie experience and being transported to a new place for a couple of hours that is just sooo good. (chocolates/popcorn and no one asking for anything for 2 hours is also not bad..LOL)