Saturday, October 07, 2006

Well Girls! Here's my 1st mock-up business card for my friend Amy...I like how it turned out, but I'll still design a couple more so she can get different ideas. Just HAD to use Heather Ann Designs pink stud's gorgeous! I'm going to try and convince Amy that it would make sucha statement if she would put some scalloped edge pink cardstock underneath it, with maybe a ribbon attached....and a magnet on the back for refrigerators??? Anyways...let me know what you think before I get them printed! LOL (I'm off to get Cold Medicine of all things! AAggghh! )


Anonymous said...

That bvusiness card is so beautiful, Becky! And yes, pink scalloped cardstock would definetely top it off! I was wondering thoug, should the bus card not have the address on it?
You did a marvellous job! :)

Tiffany said...

That looks really nice Becky. The wording of it (proprietress, etc.) reminds me of something you'd read in a Charles Dickens novel or something Olde English. Great job!