Sunday, October 29, 2006

Yeah...I got to scrap!

This is one of my favorites from Juntungen Farms and Gardens. What an incredible place! They have acres and acres of formal gardens to tour...20 ft. hedges made into elaborate mazes...just like being a princess touring the grounds of her castle! I think we spent 3 hrs there! They are only open to the public like, 4 times a year so....I took advantage. Big bummer batteries died right off, so I baby-ied it for mabye a dozen pics and that was it!!
I'm trying to work them into storyboards for stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Love your layout, Becky!
Aargh.. don't you just hate how short-lived most batteries are! And they always seem to finish when you most need them! I always forget to take spare batteries... I must really learn to do that! Hope all is well! {hugs}

Anonymous said...

Very cute! Wish we could have gone with you but that was our date day. We'll get another chance some other time though. Having a blast at Mom and Dad's. London caught his first fish with Papa!