Friday, October 06, 2006

Starting to get excited....

Today after work we met up with my hubby, David, and went to...COSTCO!
The scary store where all your $$$ just disappears! LOL
But anyways, it was so cute to see him excited about showing me ideas for Christmas.
You see, David has to have ideas...or basically he just might not even bother to go find gifts at all...
And what did he show me, but a really cool 560 piece Heidi Swapp scrapbook set with alllllll her really cute chipboard and acrylic pieces in it with a blank book AND too much more to mention...for $19.99! There were only 3 he got it NOW! I'm so excited and so proud that he found this himself...but now I have to wait until CHRISTMAS to open it! Ahhhggg...torture! (I'd show you a pic, but he's already hidden it!) LOL

So excited! My neighbor came over and asked me if I'd design her business cards for her new Bakery business that she wants to open....she's a Pink Frou Frou Bling Bling sorta gal, so this will be fun! I'll post my mock-ups when I get them done.
Have a GREAT Weekend!
(I think we're gonna take Lily to go see "Open Season." It looks pretty funny.


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Tiffany said...

That's so cool Becky. I'm envious - I want scrapbook stuff too! I've already got a wish-list of things I'd like for Christmas though.