Thursday, November 09, 2006

Veteran's Day

It 's funny what age brings with each new year, and the thoughts that take up more of our time than they did before. Each year as Veteran's Day seems to just "pop up" out of nowhere, it seems to bring more tugs to my heart than it did before. I am reminded more vividly of the young man of my Father's yesteryear who did more for those around him than some people can hope to accomplish in their whole lives. An Industrious, Handsome, Creative and Kind man who's always had a great adventure tale to brighten the dreariest of days...and wanted you to be a part of it with him. A man who has always been the first to sacrifice...for his loved ones and his country. A man who can stand and say he is proud of what he's accomplished and at the same time be so humble as to tell anyone that he was just doing what anyone else would do...the right thing. When someone asks, "What does being an American mean to you? Are you proud to be an American?"...I can say that being American isn't Government, Democracy, Big and's looking in my Father's eyes and still seeing that young man from yesteryear who still believes in standing up and "doing the right thing." That's true America... the America I believe in, because of you, Dad. I've always been very proud of you. I love you, Daddy.

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Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful and so touching, Becky! I am sure your beloved father will carry those wonderful words in his heart forever. {hugs}